Sponge Designs was started by an artist with a story.


One that's not only worthy of being told, but should be epically shared and brought to life.


Life is fragile. What we experience – both good and bad – is absorbed into the fabric of who we are.


That’s where we believe the most powerful stories are told and ideas are birthed – through the creative extraction of the human experience.



We know you have a story, too. It’d be our honor to hear it, and come alongside you to bring it to life.

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Best of all - our team comes from all over! That makes it easy for us to…

Connect your story to some of the most talented artists we’ve found.

Not having a centralized office allows us to track down folks with the skillsets we need, regardless of location, and find the people we think are at the top of their fields. But we may be a little biased, we have a tendency to treat everyone, like family.


Our Work

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We’re Also Dedicated to Helping Others

Here at Sponge Designs, we care about the broken, the lonely and the hurting – specifically the poor, the orphaned and the widowed. As a business, we give a portion of our profits to those in need in partnering with Kings Ransom Foundation. By joining with us and giving us the honor of helping you tell YOUR story, we can help others together.

You can also partner with us directly by donating to the King’s Ransom Foundation, where 100% of the direct donations given go straight to the poor.  

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Our Clients


Jen is one of the most gifted graphic designers I’ve worked with. Without fail, She and her team sailed past our expectations and delivered the perfect graphics despite the incredible time constraints and pressure of delivering for a network television show with 6-8 million weekly views. If that wasn’t pressure enough, we also had live audience/diners eating with us daily, our teams of contestants, and Chef Ramsay personally overseeing and approving her work, often with great amusement! I could never tell the pressure was ever an issue with her or her team; That was worth more than I could express in a testimonial.
— Scott Moses, Supervising Art Director FOX's Hell's Kitchen TV Series / Former Production Designer of The Ellen Degeneres Show
Jen is one of those rare individuals who is brilliantly artistic, wonderfully upbeat, and totally organized! One of the few creatives I’ve worked with who can balance a budget and do it with a smile. It’s a joy to work with Jen, she’s my go-to person for anything artistic.
— Edgar Struble, Music Director, Academy of Country Music Awards, Video Music Awards & Billboard Music Awards; Producer, Mickey Matson Series, Crowning Jules, and The Penitent Thief.
I met Jen in London and immediately noticed her energy and the passion with which she approaches everything she does. Which was then confirmed even further when I had the pleasure of working with her on a feature and discovered that not only is she amazingly talented as a production designer, a gifted sketcher, and a great budget and time manager, but also does it all with great disposition and a contagious mood. She has a trained and talented eye with powerful vision for story interpretation that truely brings amazing design dreams come true.
— Maria Belen Cirio, Production Designer/Art Director, based out of Uruguay, S.A.
Jen is one of the most talented people I’ve ever met! Her ability to fully conceive someone else’s vision and hit it right on the mark each time through design is unparalleled. She is a pleasure to see work and work with from start to finish. I can’t wait to work with her again, her joyous attitude is infectious!
— Elissa Sawaya, Production Coordinator, 'In Stranger Company'.
I dread bringing in designers on a project - will I get the defensive one or the arrogant eye-roller this time? Fortunately, I never have to deal with that again. Jen Horling and her team at Sponge are such professionals - unassuming, unflappable, and genuinely humble - that I felt honored to join their team as a contractor on a project. They are so easy to work with! Their ideas are almost always better than mine, but you would never know it by asking them. What I saw inside the daily operations was a group of creative talent that don’t get their feelings hurt, that manage expectations with grace, and that engage with the client and with each other like professionals. Their project management processes are strong enough to keep even the most scattered clients on deadline. Even better, their design work rises out of a research-based understanding of what engages and motivates their specific target audience. Does that mean their work is boring or clinical? Not at all. Their designs are always attractive, whether it’s a logo, a book cover, or a movie set. You always get the right combination of colors, textures, words, and moods. If you believe (like I did) that dealing with immature, emotional scatterbrains is just part and parcel of working with creatives, I urge you to bring your next project to Sponge. You will wonder why every agency doesn’t operate like this.
— Chad Ketcher, Chad Ketcher Media
Jen blew me away with her talent, attention to detail and ability to work as a team. She brings an energy and life to set that every production needs.
— Alicia Heinrich, Producer, Grithouse Films
Jen single handedly turned the weakest departments into one of the strongest with no prep time. Can’t wait to hire Jen for my next film (context: hired 3 days into production to take over the Art Direction)
— Tim Lieber, Director, Silver Platter Feature Film
Thank you...this is exactly what I envisioned in writing the book
— Mark Arnold, Writer of the book 'Loyalty Treasures' whom the movie 'In Stranger Company' was based off. (He had walked up, asked if I designed the set, when I answered yes, told me to stand, gave me a hug and started to cry and said the above. Not only was this particular set super fun to design, but the script was one the director tapped into my own story of loss to help tell. So it meant a lot to us too...to get it right).
Jen is on my speed dial for all design work related to Miles Media Films, she is excellent at understanding exactly what producers need from the art department on any project big or small. Her ability to quickly and efficiently design professional prospectuses for the Miles Media consulting clients makes her so easy to work with, I’ve never been disappointed!
— Brian Harrington, Associate Producer, Miles Media Films

We can’t wait to hear YOUR story!