SPONGE DESIGNS is owned, and was started by an artist with a story.

At Sponge Designs we believe that EVERYONE, has a story. One that's not only worthy of being told, but one that should be epically shared and brought to life.

Life is fragile, and what we experience both-good and bad-becomes absorbed into the fabric of who we are. Like a Sponge, sometimes, when you give it a squeeze (the sum of your experiences)...an original and unique expression of creativity is born. That's where we believe the most powerful stories are told, and ideas are birthed. Through the creative extraction of the human experience.

We know you have one. And it'd be our honor to not only hear it, but come alongside you, and help bring it to life.

Let us begin, by telling you the story behind Sponge Designs. Jen's story. Jen's a freelancer in Graphic Design and Film. A redhead who loves God, design, people, and laughing so hard that one of us can't see anymore.

But that's not where her story started...

Jen's creative experience started at an early age with a simple box of Crayola's, a giddy eye for new, crisp brochures in the hotel lobbies of every family vacay, and a hand that throughout high school was often covered by sharpie. Creativity which led to a degree in graphic design as a graduate of Kendall college of Art & Design, as well as continued education in Film Production years later in her career at Compass College of Cinematic Arts. But her learning didn't stop there, in 2017 Jen was accepted into a 2-week intensive production design workshop at the London Film School, taught by one of the Art Directors from Game of Thrones.

After reading that, it might be hard to believe, that back when she was a freshman in college, she lost her dad to suicide. But for Jen, that's the moment when life became so real. The moment when she knew that life was short, and people REALLY mattered. In the depths of that loss, God met in her in that stillness with a subtle voice saying "Jen, we've got this...you and me". God became her rock, and a new passion for the lost, lonely, and hurting started to beat alongside a passion for art and the creative talents that were unfolding.

Not wanting to use her degree to "sell something to somebody", and her desire to help people grounding her creative vision, Jen was led to work as a designer for Family Christian Stores. As her vision expanded, she moved to full-time freelance, working with numerous clients like; Kumveka - A non profit marketing agency that provided branding and communication services to Christ-focused ministries around the world; and The Oasis Network - a multifaceted international organization that works to equip and service leaders all over the globe.

Her roots in freelance, non-profit and corporate design work (over 10 years), served as a great foundation for an art transition into the film world over the years. With experience as Production Designer, Art Director, Set Designer, Set Dresser, Props Master, Specialty Prop Artist, Wardrobe & Costuming, and Art Assistant roles, as well as numerous pre and post production involvements from concept art to various graphics, she is uniquely equipped. Her collaborations with production companies continued to expand. Some of those including, but not limited to; Miles Media Films, Bearfruit Films, John Boros Productions, Be Your Own Hollywood, 10 West Studios, Urbanity Films, Hilltop Studio Productions, Big Boss Productions, Permoveo Productions, Reel Red Films, A Road Less Travelled Productions, Troika Pictures, Misery Bay Films, Tim Lieber Productions, Grithouse Films, IndieKrush Studios, Quantum Arc Media, and Silver State Productions.

Each day is never the same, as she continues to take on new clients, builds bigger teams, and juggles freelance for numerous businesses, non-profits, and feature films. All while meeting so many others, with a story too. Jen understands the power of story. And believes wholeheartedly in helping to bring OTHERS stories to life.

While Sponge Designs currently specializes in art for Feature Films, TV, Commercials, and Music Videos, there's now a whole team of talented people behind us - so logowork and graphic design is still a huge part of our story and our service. You might often still hear Jen's in "heaven" when she's wielding a sharpie and concepting logos on a simple sketchpad...but that's because she was born to create, by the creator.

Enough about us, we want to hear YOUR story! And we want to help others. Here at Sponge Designs we care about the broken, the lonely and the hurting. Specifically the poor, the orphan, the widow, and as a business we give a portion of our profits to those in such state. By joining efforts, and giving us the honor of helping tell YOUR story, together, we can help others too.

You can also partner with us directly at https://kingsransomfoundation.org/, where 100% of the direct donations given, go to the poor.

We can't wait to hear YOUR story!

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'To the praise of His glory'

...according to the plan of him who works out everything in conformity with the purpose of his will, so that we might be—to the praise of his glory. - Ephesians 1:11-14