IF YOU'RE A BARISTA AND COFFEE'S POURING ALL OVER THE COUNTER, ...you may have forgotten the cup and have just been filling a sleeve.

It’s always good to know when you’re making a complete fool of yourself...that you’re not the only one laughing as life happens. What else can you do when you get to work in the morning, go to the bathroom and upon seeing your reflection in the mirror find half a pop tart sitting in the billowing collar of your sweater? Maybe I should have ate it, but then I’d have just been standing in the bathroom laughing while I ate a pop tart out of my collar. Nevermind, that’s theoretical, as are the rest of these stories, ahem...

The life lessons as experienced by a not-so-anonymous redhead, are a compilation of moments. Moments and adventures in the lightheartedness of everyday life. Some that we all experience, and others that are unique in and of themselves. But all, that hopefully bring laughter to many more as they journey'd from social media, thanks to the encouragement from those who were already fans of the tales.

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